Hmmmm I don’t know. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately covering this topic. I know maybe a lot of people will be angry and bash my opinion but take a minute to actually read what I’m putting down.

I see all the videos that break down the focus of blacklivesmatter vs alllivesmatter, and I agree. I agree that a lot of shit is going on, and it’s unfair and wrong and terrible. Innocent lives are being taken everyday over skin color, stereotypes by power and authority and that angers me. It really does. But what makes me even more angry, is people making videos talking about fuck the police this and blue lives don’t matter. Now….. I’m sorry but how is hate on hate going to help, better or fix anything? Let me share something my step dad taught me when I was little; if your sister pulls your hair, pull her hair back. I got to thinking, why would that make sense? To make it equal? Even? If I pinch you it’s going to hurt right? And if you pinch of me, it’s going to hurt me too. We both feel. Right? So why go back and forth? What is that going to teach? It’s going to be a cycle of neverending pain. I am not saying that it is okay for the people that we are supposed to trust and go to when we have a problem (police) to kill innocent lives, but why is it okay when the roles are reverse? Well, not so much that it’s okay but to show them that we can kill them too? To hurt them too? 

So, essentially we have a problem with killing. Right? We can all agree to that — or so I hope. Now, if we are trying to get the point across that it is wrong to kill, in teaching others that in the process we are going to kill…. to show that it is wrong? So, let’s put it this way if you don’t understand what I’m saying. 


Killing police officers to prove that blacklivesmatter, makes no sense to me. Why do that? You’re hurting because your innocent friend, family member, someone close to your heart died, so you are going to in turn, kill them to make them feel the same pain? To teach them that it’s not okay? To say “fuck the police” or whatever? What does that do? Does it do any good? Do you even care anymore? Do you feel better when an innocent life is taken and it’s a police officer? See what I don’t understand is how people are talking about how it wrong that innocent lives are being taken but yet they somehow don’t care when that innocent life was in uniform? So they deserved it? You cannot judge them all over a selected few crooked cops, and vice versa. Their families hurt too, their loved ones are hurt too. So what? Is this how it ends? Everyone killing each other to prove a point? Everyone hurting? Because in that end, WE ALL LOSE.

I support the #blacklivesmatter movement, but I don’t support those who find it funny when innocent blue lives are being taken as well. Because then it’s almost like blacklivesmatter movement is a joke. How is anyone supposed to take this movement serious when we’re just putting hate on hate? 

Just something I’ve thought about a lot lately. Open your eyes. And it’s hard, I know it is. Life gets harder every damn day, and how we are to go about all of this is still a question I ask myself, because I honestly do not know how we are to fight back without violence. But we can do it. It’s possible I promise. 
Feel free to comment, let your voices be heard.