I watched this movie the other night on Netflix. If you are slightly interested in watching it I suggest you read the brief description below, before you read on because I may spoil the movie for you. Also the movie is in Spanish but you can put on subtitles. 

So, this movie is about a young boy Ulises who loves this girl named Sofia. His dad and older brother are really hard on him and his mom is kind of like caught in the middle and doesn’t really break the rules because she’s pretty much afraid of her husband. This family is so broken. Everyone in the family is a part of the prostitution ring and they’re all being used by the dad/husband. You will find out more of that as you watch. In the beginning it shows how Ulises treats Sofia before he brings her home to his family. Out of the blue Ulises tells Sofia what his family is really about and they try running away but his brother followed him and Sofia gets taken into the “family business.” Ulises is so in love with Sofia, and he makes a deal with his dad that if he can bring him another girl to replace Sofia, his dad would take Sofia out of the prostituon ring. So Ulises goes and finds another girl and lures her in the same way he lured in Sofia. He probably spent weeks with her, going on dates and meeting each other’s families and eventually moving in together. Watching how Ulises treats this girl Martha fills me with rage because he tells her the exact same things he told Sofia. 

The ending sucks. It was not what I expected and I was really upset and it got me thinking that sometimes we don’t always get the happy ending we want. Sometimes things don’t work out and they don’t go our way. I suppose that is the way of life. Also I italicized the love Ulises has for Sofia because everything is so played out, which you will found out if you watch the movie. Seriously though, if you really love someone that much, I’m not sure as to why you would put them in a situation such as that one. Knowing your family and their business,  why would you risk putting someone through that much less someone you love and care so much for? I just don’t get. Therefore I think that Ulises is a piece of trash and the ending breaks my heart. I wanted so much more for Sofia, I wanted her to be happy. Ulises knows she isn’t and I hope he feels guilty because it is his fault. 

I would rate this movie a 3/5 because it was quite interesting, but short and the ending makes me lose hope for people in her situation. Not that there isn’t much hope to begin with…