In today’s society, girls AND boys, but mostly girls, are obsessed with the “trend” that coming off as crazy is cute, funny, and last but not least, acceptable. I do not find it cute or funny to promote and make fun of REAL mental illnesses that people CANNOT control. I do not find it amusing when people say that they will cut, kill or harm their significant other in ANY WAY, if they take long to reply, look at another person or like another person’s photo on social media and so on. It is not okay to put others down especially in that way, you are verbally and mentally abusing them and can cause several issues later on down the road for them. I hate when people find it “funny” to be EXTREMELY rude and disrespectful towards others and get praised for being “petty” or “crazy.” Is that what people really want in someone? Seriously, I’ve seen memes before where it says things along the lines of “If my gf/bf isn’t crazy about me like this… [enter example] than I don’t want them.” Like really? That is what you want in your life? No wonder this generation and society is messed up. I also don’t find it amusing when couples say “you’re not leaving” like forcing the other person to stay when they are not happy or feel worthless, etc. This cycle is neverending and I can’t help but feel that it will only get worse from here on out. 

I just don’t think I was cut out for this generation and its ignorance.